Remington iLight IPL: Lineup Review & Comparison 2019

UPDATE: My Honest Review of Remington iLight Ultra IPL with Before and After Photos is now live! Read: Remington iLight Ultra: An Honest Owner’s Review + Before & After Pics

Comparison of All Remington iLight ModelsIt can be overwhelming for many consumers when top brands specializing in hair removal products have several versions to choose from.

After all, if they’re all designed for permanent hair reduction, but why release many different versions?

Remington is one of those brands.

As a beginner looking for products for treating your unwanted hair, you might be eyeing on Remington’s iLight hair removal devices.

However, there are just too many to choose from so, which version should you pick?

Remington iLight U.S. and Europe Versions

In the U.S. there are 3 versions of Remington iLight namely:

While in Europe, there are also 4 versions namely:

  • IPL6250
  • IPL6500
  • IPL6750
  • IPL6780

Remington iLight Products Can Be Found At


By this point you have probably scoured the internet trying to scrutinize each of the iLight device’s differences, however, you are still on the fence on which model would benefit you the most.

Now you are here, still confused, investigating, and need further decision help. This article aims to help you assess each iLight to help you choose which is right for you.

As you may know, Remington iLight utilizes IPL technology, which is known to cause fewer side effects than laser. Remington was one of the first brands who released the first FDA cleared light-based hair removal device for home use in the U.S. market.

The basic version, which is the Remington iLIGHT Pro (IPL6000, brown model), is equipped with 1,500 flashes and is the cheapest IPL today. The box also comes with 4 additional replacement cartridges. So all in all, you get 6,000 flashes that could last a full treatment session, until permanent hair reduction result is achieved.

After the success of iLight Pro, Remington seized the market and released more versions to cater to each individual’s needs. This is why I created this side-by-side comparison guide of all Remington iLight devices to help you choose the perfect iLight model for your needs.

What You Will Learn

In this comparison guide, we have provided several comparison tables. So, here are the things you will learn.

  1. What are the similarities of all Remington iLight devices
  2. Are all FDA cleared? Or with CE Marking?
  3. Remington iLight U.S. versions benefits
  4. Remington iLight European versions benefits
  5. What is the difference between European and U.S.versions
  6. Remington iLight U.S. version full specs and features
  7. Remington iLight European version full specs and features
  8. How to read the model code (and what does it mean)
  9. FAQs

LumaRx IPL Hair Removal System (or see the newer version LumaRx Pro), another popular at-home IPL device, actually uses the same technology as Remington IPL Hair Removal System.

iLight and LumaRx actually come from the same manufacturer, Shaser.

When you finished reading this guide, we hope that you avail the right Remington IPL device for you.

Now let’s begin…

Remington iLight Product Lineup Review and Comparison

All versions of Remington iLight Reviewed and Compared

Where to Buy


Similarities of all Remington iLight Devices

Some important notes to remember across the devices:

1. All Remington iLight IPL devices only work on individuals with Fitzpatrick skin types I-IV or pale white to the moderate brown skin, with naturally dark brown to black hair color. Basically, the device will not work on skin types V-VI or dark brown to black skin tone and won’t work on light blonde, red, and grey hair.

Fitzpatrick Scale for Remington iLight

ProPulse Technology2. All Remington iLight IPL devices use ProPulse™ IPL technology. This technology works by breaking the cycle of hair growth as it targets both hair and root in 110 ms of a light pulse. ProPulse™ sets Remington apart from other at-home IPL devices because it doesn’t leave your skin with little black dots or small burns. ProPulse™ was developed by Shaser Bioscience, a company that’s composed of physicians, scientists, and engineers. Shaser was acquired by Spectrum Brands, Inc. the owner of the Remington brand.

And in terms of benefits and specifications:

3. All have a 3 cm2 body attachment treatment window (and 2 cm2 if the device has a separate facial attachment).

4. All have the same permanent hair reduction results, which is according to their clinical study: 66% fewer hairs that lasts up to 12 months after 3 treatments, except for Remington iLight Pro (IPL6000), 44% fewer hairs.

5. All have 2-3 years warranty.

Remington iLight US Versions Benefits

Remington iLight Pro iLight ProIPL6000
48% fewer hairs that lasts for 6 months after 3 treatments.1,500
Remington iLight Pro Plus iLight Pro Plus
66% fewer hairs that lasts for 12 months after 3 treatments.1,500
Remington iLight Pro Plus Quartz iLight Pro Plus QuartzIPL6000PQ
66% fewer hairs that lasts for 12 months after 3 treatments.30,000
Remington iLight Ultra Face and Body iLight UltraIPL6500QFB
66% fewer hairs that lasts for 12 months after 3 treatments.65,000
Remington iLIGHT Elite Face & Body Hair Removal System iLIGHT EliteIPL7000
94.3% fewer hairs after just 3 treatments. On average, 66% fewer hairs 12 months after 3 treatments.100,000

Remington iLight European Versions Benefits

iLight EssentialiLight EssentialIPL625066% fewer hairs that lasts for 12 months after 3 treatments.100,000
iLight Pro 6500iLight ProIPL650066% fewer hairs that lasts for 12 months after 3 treatments.100,000
iLight 6750iLight PrestigeIPL675066% fewer hairs that lasts for 12 months after 3 treatments.150,000
Remington iLight Pro 6780iLight Prestige (2017)IPL678066% fewer hairs that lasts for 12 months after 3 treatments.150,000

Are all FDA cleared? Or with CE Marking?

All Remington iLight IPL devices are FDA cleared and has CE marking affixed on each product packaging.

Here’s the complete definition of FDA cleared devices and CE Marking:

FDA ClearedFDA Cleared: “These medical devices are ones that FDA has determined to be substantially equivalent to another legally marketed device. A premarket notification, referred to as a 510(k), must be submitted to FDA for clearance. A 510(k) is most often submitted by the medical device manufacturer.” [1]

CE Marking CE Marking: “The letters ‘CE’ appear on many products traded on the extended Single Market in the European Economic Area (EEA). They signify that products sold in the EEA have been assessed to meet high safety, health, and environmental protection requirements. When you buy a new phone, a teddy bear, or a TV within the EEA, you can find the CE mark on them. CE marking also supports fair competition by holding all companies accountable to the same rules.” [2]

What is the Difference Between European and U.S.versions?

What really makes European version different from the U.S.version?

The only difference between the two versions is that the European versions do not need any parts or cartridge replacement when flashes run out. Once you reach the limit, you need to buy a whole new device.

Infinity Bulb Controversy

In 2016, Remington Europe used the term ‘Infinity Bulb’ feature for all of their iLight devices when they first released them. However, they later pulled out the term. Perhaps, they just simply want to maintain the brand’s authenticity as there’s really no such thing as ‘infinity flashes’ in an IPL device. It only means that you have to buy a whole new device when flashes run out. As a result, European models were described to have 100,000 or 150,000 flashes.

Remington iLight US Version Full Specs and Features

Device NameiLight ProiLight Pro
Plus Quartz
iLight UltraiLight Elite
Remington iLight ProRemington iLight Pro Plus QuartzRemington iLight Ultra Face and Body
FDA ClearedYesYesYesYes
Treatment size3 cm²3 cm²3 cm²
(2 cm² for Face and Bikini Cap)
4 cm²
(2 cm² for Face and Bikini Cap)
No. of flashes1,50030,00065,000100,000
Fluence7.4-7.9 j/cm²7.4-7.9 j/cm²7.4-7.9 j/cm² 8 j/cm² (±20%)
Wavelength650-1100 nm650-1100 nm650-1100 nm650-1100 nm
Cartridge ReplaceYesYesYesYes
Power SupplyElectricalElectricalElectricalElectrical
Warranty2 year2 year2 year2 year
Money Back Guarantee90-day90-day90-day90-day
View Current Price Amazon Amazon Amazon Amazon

Remington iLight European Version Full Specs and Features

Device NameIPL6250IPL6500IPL6750IPL6780
* All can be used on bikini line, but the iLight Prestige 6750 has a precision bikini attachment specifically designed for bikini line.
iLight EssentialiLight Pro 6500iLight 6750Remington iLight Pro 6780
FDA ClearedYesYesYesYes
Treatment size3 cm²3 cm²3 cm²3 cm²
Face AttachmentNoYesYesYes
Bikini Attachment*NoNoYesNo
No. of flashes100,000100,000150,000150,000
Fluence7.4-7.9 j/cm²7.4-7.9 j/cm²7.4-7.9 j/cm²7.4-7.9 j/cm²
Wavelength650-1100 nm650-1100 nm650-1100 nm650-1100 nm
Cartridge ReplaceNoNoNoNo
Power SupplyElectricalElectricalElectricalElectrical
Warranty2 year2 year2 year5 year
Money Back Guarantee90-day90-day90-day90-day
View Current Price Amazon Amazon Amazon Amazon

How to Read the Model Code (and What Does it Mean)

If you’ve done your research, then I’m pretty sure that you’ve seen all Remington iLight models on the table above.

Did you notice the P, PQ, QFB? What do they mean?

Here it is:

P – Pro
Q – Quartz
F – Face
B – Bikini

Quartz vs Non-Quartz

Some of you may have seen “quartz” from other at-home IPL hair removal devices; in fact, several models of me Smooth IPL use quartz too. But what does it really mean?

The explanation is simple.

An IPL device with quartz means its lamp is made out of quartz crystal. Quartz crystal embedded in an IPL device tends to have sturdier quality than IPL counterparts that only use glass lamps. Quartz can withstand higher temperatures, which is essential to the energy output process to target and treat the hair effectively.

Compared to other home IPL devices that only use a glass lamp, you would know that their replacement cartridges tend to burn out quickly. This is unlikely with home IPL devices with quartz lamp. So users who own an IPL device with quartz lamp will benefit to the longer lifespan of their hair removal device. Something that you should consider when choosing an at-home IPL device for lifetime use.

Currently, Remington has two IPL model that uses quartz lamp. These are the iLight Pro Plus Quartz or the IPL6000PQ and iLight Ultra Face and Body or the IPL6500QFB.

Facial and Bikini attachments

Remington iLight Facial Attachment
Facial Attachment
Remington iLight Bikini Attachment
Bikini Attachment

If you see F, B, or FB, on the device’s model code (eg. IPL6500QFB), it means that it comes with an additional facial or bikini cap attachments.

These optional accessories can be purchased separately as well if it’s compatible with your iLight device. All you need to check is the model code. If it has F or B or both at the end, then you could attach a facial or bikini cap to the device for a more precise treatment.

These attachments were made to treat sensitive or smaller areas such as face and bikini areas. Usually, the treatment window is 2 cm2. Please bear in mind however that they are not intended for use on male facial hair.

Summary of How to Read the Model Code

Remington iLight Ultra IPL6500QFB: This device uses a quartz lamp and you can attach a facial or bikini cap to the device for precision.

Remington iLight Pro IPL6000Q: Uses quartz lamp and not compatible with facial or bikini cap.

Note: The type of lamp embedded in Europe version is currently unknown.

Frequently Asked Questions about Remington iLight Devices

This portion will answer all your questions about the Remington iLight models.

Is Remington iLight IPL right for me?

All Remington iLIGHT models be it European or U.S.versions are intended for individuals with light to medium skin tones or who fall under skin types I, II, III, and IV with naturally dark brown to dark hair. If you will be consistent with the treatment sessions, you will achieve the desired permanent hair reduction result.

Do I need to shave before treatment?

Shaving before treatment is highly recommended because you want the IPL light be in close contact with the skin so the light reaches the hair follicle. Do not pluck or wax 3 to 4 weeks before treatment or in-between treatments. Hair will naturally fall off after 1 to 2 treatments.

Do I need safety glasses when using Remington iLight?

Although Remington claims that you do not need to wear eye protection, IPL treatment in general really requires protective glasses during each treatment. Some side effects associated with IPL without wearing eye protection are severe photophobia, iris atrophy, and transillumination defects. So even if the manual says there’s no need for eye protection, experts still recommend that you use safety glasses every IPL treatment. Safety glasses like this are specially designed for IPL treatments.

How often do I use the Remington iLight? Can I use it every day? Every week?

The product manual suggests to use the device once every other week. However, as a general rule for IPL treatments, experts say to wait for new hair growth before performing another treatment session. This is to be sure that you are also catching or killing the new hair growth as it enters the active growth phase. So ideally, it is recommended to wait for the growth to start before treating the area again.

For most people, hair in the underarms has a faster growth rate than other parts of the body, with new hair growth occurring after 1 to 2 weeks. So depending on the growth rate, you may want to treat the underarms every week or every other week.

For legs,or arms, however, the hair growth rate is much slower than the rest of the body, and usually will take up to 8 weeks to notice the hair returning. So when treating the legs or arms, it is important to hold off the next treatment until new hair growth is visible.

In short, it all depends on the body part being treated, and once you notice the hair growth start, that’s the time treat the area again. Do not ever wax or pluck during the entire treatment. Doing it everyday is also not advisable as you are missing the hair which is just returning to the active phase.

How long before I see the permanent hair reduction result?

Remington claims that you should notice the hair reduction result after only 3 treatments. For a long term results, a minimum of 8 treatments should be done, or until there is no longer new hair growth in the area.

You should be hair free for 6 months, and possibly up to 12 months, with only occasional touch up treatments. Note that the word ‘permanent’ should really be replaced with ‘long term,’ as there will always be hair regrowth no matter what.

Can I use Remington iLight on the face?

For the U.S. versions, the only Remington iLight device compatible for use on the face area is the iLight Ultra Face & Body. This unit comes with a facial cap specifically designed for facial use. For the European versions, IPL6500, IPL6750, IPL6780 are all safe to be used on the face.

Be aware that no IPL device can be used near the eyes. Any IPL hair removal treatment can only be used from the cheek and below.

Does it also work on male’s facial hair like neck beard?

The product manual strongly warns against using the device on male facial hair. However, many male users have reported that they have used it on their neck beard without any problems. That said, we will always advise you follow the warnings in the product manual, and any other use is entirely at your own risk.

Does it work on pubic hair?

All Remington iLight models work on bikini line, but the Remington IPL 6750 has a bikini cap that is specially designed to treat the bikini line. Be extra careful to not use it near the anus or any darker area of your genitals.

Is it painful?

It is very important to do a test patch first using the lowest setting before starting the treatment. As you get comfortable, you can gradually increase the output to the highest level you can tolerate. Only a warm sensation was reported by most users of this device. Some have experienced tan patches or burns but it’s generally because their skin type was too dark. So if you fall under Fitzpatrick skin type IV, be extra careful and use the lowest settings first.

Can I use topical anesthetic like gels?

Using any anesthetic gels is only recommended if you have a very sensitive skin. Otherwise, clean freshly shaven and dry skin is recommended during the treatment as you want the IPL light to be as close as possible with the hair follicles.

Does Remington iLight Ultra have a lifetime cartridge?

No, it doesn’t. The Remington iLight Ultra Face & Body, or IPL6500, needs replacement cartridges. When you purchase the iLight Ultra Face & Body, it comes pre-installed with a lamp cartridge capable of up to 65,000 flashes. When the flashes run out, you’ll need to buy a replacement lamp cartridge, which can be bought through Remington’s official website. The replaceable lamp cartridge compatible with the iLight Ultra is the Quartz Bulb SP6SB, with 65,000 flashes. A word of advice when purchasing a replaceable lamp cartridge for the iLight Ultra, only buy from Remington’s official website, and avoid 3rd party sellers. They tend to be far less reliable, and may not actually be compatible with your device.

Which lamp cartridge is compatible for my Remington iLight device?

For Remington iLight Pro (IPL6000USA) and iLight Pro Plus (IPL6000P), get the Glass Bulb cartridge with item number SP6000SB with 1,500 flashes. This is the only replacement cartridge which you can safely order from Amazon, when they’re occasionally on sale.

For Remington iLight Pro Plus Quartz (IPL6000Q), get the Quartz Bulb with item number SP6000Q with 30,000 flashes, or the Quartz Bulb SP6SB with 65,000 flashes.

For Remington iLight Ultra Face and Body, only the Quartz Bulb SP6SB cartridge with 65,000 flashes is compatible. It’s very important to only order the cartridge from the official Remington website, for the reasons stated above.

 SP6000SB Replacement Cartridge
Glass Bulb
SP6000Q Replacement Cartridge
Quartz Bulb
SP6SB Replacement Cartridge
Quartz Bulb
Where to BuyAmazonRemingtonRemington
iLight Pro (IPL6000USA)YesNoNo
iLight Pro Plus (IPL6000P)
iLight Pro Plus Quartz (IPL6000Q)NoYesYes
iLight Ultra Face & Body

iLight Ultra vs Pro Plus Quartz: What’s the real difference?

These two units confuse many. The iLight Ultra Face & Body is ultimately just an upgraded version of Pro Plus Quartz, where an additional facial cap can be attached to precisely treat facial hair.

The following is a table describing the differences:

Device NameiLight Pro
Plus Quartz
iLight Ultra
View Current Price Amazon Amazon
Remington iLight Pro PlusRemington iLight Ultra Face and Body
FDA ClearedYesYes
Facial CapNoYes
No. of flashes30,00065,000
Compatible cartridgeSP6000Q
Treatment size3 cm²3 cm²
(2 cm² for Face Cap)
Fluence7.4-7.9 J/cm²7.4-7.9 J/cm²
Wavelength650-1100 nm650-1100 nm
Power supplyElectricalElectrical
Warranty2 year2 year
Money Back Guarantee90-day90-day

iLight IPL6750 vs IPL6780: What’s the real difference?

In summary, the IPL6750 comes with a bikini cap to precisely treat the bikini area. The following is a table describing the differences:

Device NameIPL6750IPL6780
View Current Price Amazon UK Amazon UK
iLight 6750Remington iLight Pro 6780
FDA ClearedYesYes
Treatment size3 cm²3 cm²
Facial CapYesYes
Bikini CapYesNo
No. of flashes150,000150,000
Fluence7.4-7.9 J/cm²7.4-7.9 J/cm²
Wavelength650-1100 nm650-1100 nm
Replacement cartridgeNoNo
Power supplyElectricalElectrical
Warranty2 year5 year
Money Back Guarantee90-day90-day

Buying European Models if You’re in the US

Answer: I don’t really recommend buying the European version if you are from the U.S. as the European device is quite difficult to return for warranty or replacement. If you’re from European however, just stick with the European version.

This is to avoid the hassle of ordering parts replacement or warranty issues. However, some customers really like the number of flashes feature of European versions. For people in the U.S., the European version can be purchased online through third-party sellers, like eBay or Amazon UK

Ultimately, which Remington iLight device is “Best” for you?

It’s very easy to choose which Remington iLight best suits you.

You may refer to this mind map image to determine which device you should get according to your budget and needs.

What is the Best iLight Device for Me (US)

Which Remington iLight Device is best for me UK version
For U.K. models.

Final Thoughts

For people who live in the U.S., Remington iLIGHT Pro Plus Quartz is the most versatile version as it’s compatible with two replaceable lamp cartridges that has either 30,000 or 65,000 flashes.

However, if you are treating full body plus face and bikini area, you will benefit with the latest model which is the iLight Ultra Face and Body. If your budget is under 200 USD and only treating one or two body parts, go with the basic version of Remington iLight Pro or the IPL6000.

U.S. iLight versions are also cheaper than European versions if you consider the maintenance costs. When the flashes run out you only need to buy the replacement lamp cartridge instead of a whole new device.

To date, the Remington iLight Ultra is now beating the famous Tria Laser 4X in terms of the number of reviews on Amazon.

More and more users are complementing the iLight Ultra because of its painless flashes and evident hair reduction results. If you are not convinced, check out what other people say.

As for people who live in the UK or Europe, you will benefit more with IPL6750 or IPL6780 which has the most number of flashes, 150,000 that could lasts for many treatments of one or two body parts.


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  2. Thanks to your great article, I am interested in buying one of Remington Ipl epilator. But I couldn’t find myself the answer to this 2 questions that are important to me : 1. What is IPL fluence of devices (also known as radiant exposure )and is measured in Joules per cm²?
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