My profile

I’m originally from the Philippines but currently living in Japan, a new mom to a beautiful baby girl. I have a Fitzpatrick Skin Type IV.

I am currently treating my underarms, with thick coarse black hair using a home IPL device. Currently, I use Remington iLight Ultra.

The search

Due to my skin type, it was a challenge to find a home light-based hair removal device. I have done an intensive amount of research about the features and specs of all popular over-the-counter IPL and laser brands. All of them claimed that their device work for individuals with Fitzpatrick Skin Type I – IV.

However, upon talking to my dermatologist, if you fall under Type IIIb – IV, the permanent hair reduction result takes long, and, often times, difficult to achieve, especially if using an over-the-counter IPL machine. Discouraging to hear!

I turned to Youtube and found out that some women who have Skin Type IV have found success with some IPL and laser brands for their unwanted body hair. That was when Hair Buff Mama started. A simple blog about my search for a device for Type IV. That search has ended. Now, I am a proud owner of Remington iLight Ultra Face & Body. I swear. This device works wonderfully.

If you are Type I – III and the hair to be treated are thick dark brown to dark, you are lucky. You can basically choose any light-based device you want.

Other hair removal methods

Due to my long-term experience of DIY waxing, this blog also covers products that I have used and worked wonderfully in the past. I am a user of Gigi wax and I would still continue to do so for my bikini line. I am not ready to use a light-based device for my crotch yet.

Why Hair Buff Mama

There are tons of blogs and websites on the internet about hair removal methods. Hair Buff Mama is different as I have used the products personally. There are some products mentioned in my ‘Buying Guide’ articles that I have not used. Even so, I have researched those products intensively only to deliver accurate information. If you happen to be a longtime user of a certain product, please contact us or leave a comment to share your experience. I will happily update the article about the information you posted.

Thank you very much for visiting my blog.


Catherine Mae Rivera-Paisley